April 24, 2014
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Excess Liability (Umbrella) Insurance


Excess Liability, or "Umbrella," coverage is designed to give added protection above and beyond what you might have with your homeowners and automobile policies.  It can pay for expenses shuch as an injured person's medical bills, legal defense.  Umbrella insurance is often overlooked and is not just for the wealthy.  This important coverage can help buard your assets and keep your family protected in sever conditions.  The good news is that this added protection can often be added to your insurance program for minimal cost.


Umbrella coverage can help with:

  • Expenses to cover the cost of investigating a claim
  • Bail bonds
  • First aid costs to others due to an accident
  • Expenses due to defending a claim
  • Loss of wages if you have to make a court appearance due to a claim


Contact us today for more information about Umbrella Insurance.  Most often, Umbrella coverage is added to Homowners insurance programs, so please fill out fill out our Homeowner online quote form.